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14 Ways to Style Black Sneakers

14 Ways to Style Black Sneakers

Fashion trends come and go but some of the elements remain timeless. The color black is a must in any wardrobe and remains stylish to wear during any season. It is easy to coordinate with other colors and is flattering on any shape. Sneakers have also stood the test of time when it comes to fashion. You see sneakers paired with dresses, casual outfits, business suits, and even wedding attire. When you put these two fashion paragons together, you have a versatile shoe that can be paired with almost anything.

How to Wear Black Sneakers

1.      Designed for Denim

Denim is a favorite go-to for everyone. Denim is so popular because it is comfortable but also versatile. If your chosen outfit is head-to-toe denim, pair a black leather sneaker to add a crisp contrast to your ensemble.

2.      Added to Chinos

Men’s black sneakers go perfectly with a pair of beige chinos. Chinos are a great choice for men because they can be casual or dressy and a well-cared-for pair of men’s black leather sneakers do just the trick.

3.      Jazz Up Your Joggers

Jogger pants are a great way to rock a casual look. Pairing a men’s black sneaker with a pair of black or brown joggers is the perfect way to be casual with style. Make sure you have a no-show sock with this look for a sleek, clean vibe.

4.      Basic Black Trousers

Black trousers can always be paired with a black casual shoe for men, or women’s leather sneakers. When opting for this pairing, only go with a classy leather black sneaker and make sure they are a low-cut style. Just as with the joggers, you want to keep a no-show sock as part of this outfit.

5.      Athleisure Alure

The athleisure style has remained a perpetual choice for men and women alike. Athleisure gives the look of sportiness combined with a casual look. Pairing black casual shoes with sports pants is a perfect way to obtain an athleisure look. A great pair of black sneakers allow you to wear sports pants to the gym then moved perfectly into a non-formal occasion.

6.      Shore Up the Shorts

In warmer weather, a comfortable choice is the combination of shorts and men’s sneakers. Black sneakers are always a very popular fashion with men. Pairing a black sneaker with black or beige shorts makes for a great casual look that offers a way to beat the summer heat. Another perfect pairing is a pair of denim shorts, a crew neck black t-shirt, and a sublime pair of black sneakers that makes for an outfit that can move from running errands to a casual social gathering.

7.      The Camel Coat Combo

An outfit that should be in every woman’s closet is a luscious pair of jeans, a crisp white t-shirt, and a camel blazer or coat. The best way to top off this iconic look is with a pair of black leather sneakers. Women’s sleek outfits can always benefit from pairing them with a cute, polished black leather sneaker.

8.      Natty Nurse Wear

Nurses are on their feet for a minimum of 8 hours a day. While needing comfort they need to also look neat without being distracting. Nurses also need to have an attire that can handle stains and is easy to clean. The answer is black leather sneakers. Nursing requires all of the characteristics that a black leather sneaker brings.

9.      Monochrome Matching

A fantastic look for men and women is a monochrome look with black dress sneakers. A smoky gray jacket, white tee, deep gray pants, and a black sneaker is a classy and sophisticated look even for a casual outfit. As long as they are clean and well cared for, men’s black casual shoes like black sneakers add elegance to any ensemble.

10.  Bodycon and Basic Black

A sexy, fashionista look for women is a bodycon dress with women’s black shoes, like black sneakers. Add a leather jacket and it is a perfect outfit for going out with friends or a day of brunch and shopping.

11.  Matching with the Mini

A fun and flirty way to spice up your favorite vintage tee is to pair it with a mini skirt and black shoes. Women’s casual wear gets a boost with a black sneaker that ties together a t-shirt and mini skirt ensemble. This outfit brings together comfort and coolness all in one.

12.  Suit Up with Style

Business life is fast-paced and being uncomfortable takes your mind off of your work and perhaps prevents you from being on your A-game. Creating a business look while still being comfortable is a job for black casual shoes. For men, creating a look of business meets comfort is as simple as a pair of black dress pants, a good quality black t-shirt, and a black blazer. Tie this together with a pair of sleek, leather sneakers and you are there.

13.  White Jeans for the Win

Sometimes, men want to break away from the dark pants and have a little fun with white jeans. Have fun with a pair of white ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and a favorite hoodie with a colorful logo. Bring the look together with black shoes. Casual men’s shoes, like black sneakers, come in so many varieties, you can find one to go with any outfit you wear.

14.  A 50’s Vibe

A classic look worn by many men in the 50s and 60s was a pair of jeans rolled at the bottom, a white t-shirt, and a cool jacket in black leather. Men’s shoes, black in color, can be worn with this outfit such as a black boot or a classic pair of leather high-top Converse for a quintessential look.

Men and women both benefit from having a great pair of black sneakers. With the variety of black sneakers on the market, you can find one that will compliment any outfit you want. Visit us to find a great black sneaker that will be a great addition to your wardrobe. At JOSEPHT, we have just what you are looking for.


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