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Best Loafers Under $200, Under $400 and expensive ones

Best Loafers Under $200, Under $400 and expensive ones

Budget-Friendly Picks Under $200

1. Larson Weejuns Penny Loafer from GH Bass & Co

For those on a budget, the Larson Weejuns penny loafer stands out as a legendary choice. Known for its classic silhouette, it features a distinguishing leather strap across the top, earning its "penny" moniker. The hosts appreciate its two-tone design, offering a retro and cool vibe. The ruggedness of these loafers makes them a great pick for those who want a timeless pair that ages gracefully.

2. Tassel Loafer from Solovair

Solovair, a Heritage British Shoemaker, brings a unique twist to the tassel loafer. Embraced by Tyler, the Creator, these loafers feature a chunky rubber sole, creating a juxtaposition of old-school elegance and punk rock aesthetics. The hosts commend their durability, making them suitable for various activities while maintaining a stylish edge.

3. Lug Sole Loafer from Sebago

Just above the $200 mark, the hosts sneak in a recommendation for Sebago's lug sole loafers. Though technically exceeding the initial budget, they emphasize the frequent availability of these loafers on sale. The lug sole adds an outdoorsy touch, providing versatility for both office wear and unexpected weather challenges. It's dubbed a "deal sled" by the hosts, indicating a blend of sophistication and practicality.

Mid-Range Marvels: $200 to $400

1. Blackstock and Weber Loafers

Moving into the $200 to $400 price range, Blackstock and Weber offer a contemporary angle to loafers. Founded by a sneaker enthusiast, the brand brings a fresh perspective with unique materials like suede and elephant skin embossing. With a double-layered leather sole and Goodyear welt construction, these loafers promise longevity and comfort, making them an excellent investment for the fashion-forward.

2. Morehouse Shoes

Another noteworthy recommendation in this range is Morehouse, a newer brand with a contemporary edge. Despite lacking heritage, Morehouse impresses with quality construction and a classic aesthetic. Made in Spain, these loafers boast a construction suitable for those who've just graduated or landed their first job. The hosts highlight their timeless appeal, ensuring they'll remain a stylish choice for years to come.

3. Online Suede Loafers (Brand: Unpronounceable)

Just surpassing the $200 limit, the hosts introduce a pair of suede loafers with intricate details. The deep chocolate color and contrasting leather collar add a touch of sophistication. Praised for their softness, these loafers are deemed perfect for summer wear, although the hosts humorously caution against going sockless.

No-Budget Extravagance

1. Gucci 1953 Horse Bit Loafer

In the realm of luxury, the hosts showcase the iconic Gucci 1953 horse bit loafer. With a 70-year history, this loafer epitomizes timeless elegance. The hosts commend its distinctive shape, not quite square-toed, not fully rounded, making it instantly recognizable. Crafted in Italy with premium leather, these loafers promise comfort and durability, justifying their higher price tag.

2. John Lobb Loafers

For those seeking English tradition, John Lobb delivers with a pair of beautifully crafted loafers. Though not bespoke, these mainline loafers exude quality and sophistication. The hosts note the subtle two-tone design, appreciating its classic appeal.

3. Belgian Shoes - A Classic New York Gem

The hosts conclude their no-budget recommendations with Belgian Shoes, a classic New York store dating back to the 1950s. Specializing in Belgian loafers, these shoes stand out with their rakish design, low-cut vamp, and a distinctive bow tie. Despite the lack of online availability, the hosts highlight the unique charm and versatility of these shoes.

Conclusion: A Loafer for Every Taste and Budget

In wrapping up their exploration of loafers, the hosts emphasize the vast spectrum of options available. Whether you're on a tight budget, willing to invest mid-range, or looking for a timeless luxury piece, there's a loafer out there for everyone. The versatility of loafers, as highlighted in the video, makes them a wardrobe essential that can be styled with anything from formal attire to casual jeans or shorts.

Loafers aren't just shoes; they're a canvas for expressing personal style. So, whether you're eyeing a pair that fits your budget or considering a timeless investment, the world of loafers offers endless possibilities. As the hosts aptly demonstrate, from GH Bass & Co to Gucci, each pair tells a unique story, making the journey of finding the perfect loafers an exciting and rewarding one.

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